Bunny Cake Pops

So I wanted to get creative for Easter this year and instead of dying eggs, I thought I would make these cute little bunny cake pops I saw in a recipe book by Bakerella. I started this project at 4:30 in the afternoon. 

You bake a cake, crumble it up in a bowl, add the frosting and mix it in so it is more like a cookie dough consistency.  Then you mold it into the shape you need…that part took me a long long time.

Then you take the molded cake and dip it into colored melted chocolate.  Here I am using white and pink.  This part took me a long time too.  You have to let the chocolate drip off so it looks smooth.

Once you have the cake pops covered in the chocolate, then you can start decorating them.  Unfortunately for me, the molding and chocolate dipping part took me close to 5 hours.  I would assume the more you do them the easier it gets.  I had so much fun decorating the pops and watching the bunnies come to life :). 
I bought candy eyes at the store, and I used candy corns for the ears and a jumbo candy heart for the nose.  The pens I am using are edible as well 🙂
Here is a pic of some of the gang.

What the bunny cake pops look like close up.
I felt bad putting the pop covers over the bunnies heads, I felt like I was suffocating them. 
I just like this picture, it looks like the two bunnies like each other, doesn’t it?  LOL
So my little project ended up taking me, and the help of my husband until 3am.  But they turned out so cute I am happy I did them, and they taste really good too :).
XO Vicki