DIY Guide for Creating A Playbill Wedding Ceremony Fan Program

DIY Step by Step Guide for Creating a
 Playbill Wedding Ceremony Fan Program

We created a ceremony program fan for our wedding, and just wanted to share with you how we made it.  We had a outdoor wedding in May and thought a fan program would be a nice touch, and would keep our guests cool.  After looking up ideas online we came across an image of a ceremony program as a playbill.

This is the picture that inspired us to do a playbill ceremony fan

We absolutely loved it and got started working on it right away.  We were thankful that there were pre-made templates out there to help us create this.

 Items We Used :

  1. Fan  Stick-
  2. Large Round Corner Punch –
  3. Cardstock – You want to use a thick enough cardstock, but not too thick that it doesn’t fold well.  We had Kinkos do the single-sided color printing for us, and they provided us with the paper, I think it was 60lb cardstock paper.  They will print you out a test sheet before you have them all printed, so make sure you fold it.
  4. Ribbon from Craft Store
  5. Glue Gun
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer – 
  8. Download the Basic Template from this website –  
    Black Template


  1. Design Fan….front and back.  Both on one side (use Basic template from line 8 above)
    This was our design
  2. Save it in .pdf format on a flash drive
  3. Take it to Kinkos or your neighborhood printing company to have printed.
  4. Once they are all printed use the paper trimmer to cut along the edges.
  5. Once they are all cut – change the blade on the paper trimmer to score the middle where you will fold. 
  6. Once they are all scored fold over the fans and press the crease down flat
  7. Glue the stick to the middle of the one side fan and then surround the edge of the fan with glue from the glue stick.  Fold over the fan and make sure it is all sealed.
  8. Take the corner punch and punch out all four corners
  9. Put a drop of glue from the glue gun on the paddle and wrap ribbon around the paddle.
  10. Tie a bow out of the ribbon, and put another drop of glue from the glue gun and glue the bow onto the paddle.
  11. ceremony wedding fan, playbill ceremony fan
    Here is the finished product

XO EVCreations