Wedding Email Overload

It’s wedding season which means bridal shows and wedding planning….all really fun things.  However your email account might not think so.  When you sign up for a bridal show or wedding realated websites, it puts you on wedding email list.  You end up getting tons of wedding related emails daily.  Some of the emails you are going to want to view and are helpful to your planning, and other emails…ummmm not so much.  Your best bet is to open up a new email account strictly for your wedding planning.  That way you don’t integrate the wedding stuff with your regular everyday or work email.  You can create new email addresses on yahoo or gmail for FREE.  Come up with something creative or cute – ex:  

Also, you can do the same thing for your phone number.  When we got married our phone rang so much “Congratulations you won a FREE…..”  If only we would have known what we were in for we would have created a google voice number for our wedding planning too.  Boy would it have saved our cell phone minutes.  Go to to find out more information on getting a google phone number. 

XO EVCreations