Do Not Disturb Door Hangers for your Wedding OOT Bags

Are you making Out of Town Bags for your guests coming to your wedding and staying at a local hotel? Check out these Lovebird Do Not Disturb Door Hangers by Designed By M.E. Stationery. It adds a personal touch, and they are just adorable.

You can purchase them on her Etsy shop….she also has DIY options.



Wedding Photo Idea for Animal Lovers

Being a huge dog lover, I love this picture of a bride and groom on their wedding day with their dogs paw showing off their rings.

What a great way to incorporate you furry family members into your wedding.


Wedding Bouquet DIY

If you are looking for a way to keep a piece of your wedding bouquet, here’s an idea for you! Let your bouquet fully dry out. Once dry, carefully break into smaller pieces. Purchase 4″ clear glass ornaments from your local hobby or craft store and fill with the dry flowers. You will have a beautiful keepsake for years to come!  

This DIY came from and more details and pictures can be found at

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DIY Kids coloring wedding favor

What a cute idea! Finally a favor that is not only geared toward children, but will help keep them occupied! shared this easy DIY project that will make kids and parents very happy at your wedding. 

Go to for detailed instructions on how to complete this adorable favor. 

You simply:

1. Print out free coloring pages
2. Attach to mini clipboards
3. Tie crayons together 
4. Attach crayons to clipboards


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FREE Monogram Designer

Interested in making your own monogram for your personal stationery or even your wedding? Check out Mark and Grahams FREE monogram maker that makes it super easy.
Monogramming is great way to personalize your items.  There are a lot of different designs and ways you can choose to monogram something, but here are the basic guidelines.  
If you are doing a three-letter monogram with all three letters the same size, the initials should go in the same order as the name.
If you are doing a three letter monogram with the middle letter larger than the other two, the larger middle letter should be the initial of the last name.  The first initial will be first and the middle initial would be last.  (The first initial and middle initial will be the same size).

If you are monogramming for a couple you would place the woman’s first initial, followed by the couple’s last initial slightly larger, followed by the man’s first initial (the same size as the woman’s first initial)
Get started creating your own monograms by clicking here

FREE SHIPPING on your Wine Bottle Guest Book Kit – Now until Friday – June 21, 2013

After a two week hiatus for moving we are back and ready to take orders We like to express our thanks for your continued support by sending out a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING (Domestic Orders Only). If you know anyone getting married and is looking for a unique guest book feel free to share. 

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Wedding Email Overload

It’s wedding season which means bridal shows and wedding planning….all really fun things.  However your email account might not think so.  When you sign up for a bridal show or wedding realated websites, it puts you on wedding email list.  You end up getting tons of wedding related emails daily.  Some of the emails you are going to want to view and are helpful to your planning, and other emails…ummmm not so much.  Your best bet is to open up a new email account strictly for your wedding planning.  That way you don’t integrate the wedding stuff with your regular everyday or work email.  You can create new email addresses on yahoo or gmail for FREE.  Come up with something creative or cute – ex:  

Also, you can do the same thing for your phone number.  When we got married our phone rang so much “Congratulations you won a FREE…..”  If only we would have known what we were in for we would have created a google voice number for our wedding planning too.  Boy would it have saved our cell phone minutes.  Go to to find out more information on getting a google phone number. 

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Valentine’s Day Wedding

Any Valentine’s Day Weddings out there? We have designs for any holiday or season. To find out more about our wine bottle guest books go to our website at or our Etsy Shop at


Sign The Wine Seahorse Design

Our Wine Bottle Guest Book kits are such a unique idea, and we love designing them.  One of our customers is having a beach wedding and chose our seahorse design and we just love how they turned out.  The colors and the design look great together.  We hope Natalee & Nick have a great wedding, and enjoy their wine bottle guest book for years to come.
If your interested in a Wine Bottle Guest Book for your wedding you can go to our web site at .
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Summer Bright

Play up a beach theme with these petite chaise lounges and parasols. Print guest names and table numbers onto decorative paper, and then cut out rectangles and curve them into lounge chairs (pull the paper back and forth along the edge of a table while holding it taut to achieve the wave). Then arrange them in a sand-filled tray, and adorn each seat with a bright umbrella.

We helped a friend do these for her wedding and they were super easy and turned out adorable. Thanks Martha Stewart for sharing this great idea.