Heat up your Winter Wedding

Want to do something unique for your winter wedding? Having a hot chocolate bar would definitely be different, and honestly who doesn’t love hot chocolate. This is the perfect way to heat up your winter wedding.

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It’s a dough-nation!

With heart disease on both sides of our families we decided to give a donation to the American Heart Association in lieu of giving a favor to our guests. For each guest that attended we made a donation to the American Heart Association in their name. We received a plaque from the American Heart Association that we put on our gift table, showing that we donated the money.

But our guest didn’t go home empty handed, we had purchased donuts and put them on each of our guest plates. Get it….donuts/dough-nation. We thought it would be a perfect snack to take home with them from the wedding. The donut was wrapped up and had a cute ribbon and a cute little saying on it. Lots of love and work went into them. We even had our parents help out the day before the wedding. My dad was cutting ribbon, while my mom was tying the knots. What a family project :). Anyway, it seemed to get good feedback, so I am just sharing our idea with you.

Must-Take Wedding Photo

Must-Take Wedding Photo!

Check out this adorable wedding picture…it’s a picture of a bride and groom holding pictures of their parents on their wedding day.  Love It!  We are not sure who to credit for the photograph, but we wanted to share because we thought it was such cute idea.

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Etsy Wedding Find

Wedding Welcome Card

Having out of town guests? Let them know the timeline of everything with this super cute Wedding Welcome Card.

You can have these custom made for you by JLDesigns718 on Etsy.com.

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Any Poker Loving Grooms Out There?

I found a great ring on Etsy for any groom that loves playing cards. ZandersCreations makes these great Sterling Silver Poker Punched Bands. The ring is 2mm thick around and displays the playing card symbols all the way through. These rings are custom made so ZandersCreations can make the ring any size you need, and it will only take 2-3 weeks to complete.

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Dance The Night Away

Want to get your guests on the dance floor without any excuses of tired and aching feet? Incorporate a flip flop basket to be part of your reception decor.

You can buy flip flops to match your wedding colors at Old Navy, The Dollar Store or even Michaels (Arts and Craft Store)….just make sure you get them in several different sizes to accommodate your guests.

You will also want to buy a basket to put the flip flops in. Decorate it yourself or if you have the money to spend you can buy a flip flop bucket from The Macbeth Collection.

As an added touch you should create a sign to attach to the basket letting your guests know that the flip flops are for the taking. Have fun with it…but if you have any trouble thinking of something clever to say just google it, I am sure you will find something that you like.

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Things I Wish I’d Had at My Wedding

A collection of gorgeous things from Etsy Wedding Divas!!
Thank you to A Precious Memory for including my wine bottle guest book kit, and putting these great items together.

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Writing Your Own Vows?

If you are planning to write your own vows what would be cuter then to have them in this personalized engraved notebook?

Writing your own vows is such a sweet idea, but when the time comes to say them most people need to have them written down. Instead of having your vows on a crumpled up piece of paper or a plain old index card, how about writing them in this personalized little notebook? The Etsy shop braggingbags personalizes a 3″x4″ notebook with the words vows and your initials inside a heart and arrow. It’s such a great place to write down your vows for your ceremony and keep them forever. Both adorable and useful…I just love it 🙂

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Our 1st Anniversary

My husband and I just celebrated our first year wedding anniversary on May 8, 2011.  I can’t believe a year has gone by since our wedding day…..I still feel like we are newlyweds.  So question to all of you blog readers……how long are you considered newlyweds?

On the morning of our anniversary I was woken up to the smell of bacon.  When I went into the kitchen my husband was making pancakes…yum.  We had pancakes, bacon and of course a special breakfast wouldn’t be complete without mimosas.  We even got to dust off the champagne flutes we used on our wedding day.  I should have surprised him and came out for breakfast in my wedding dress….lol.  Hey I would wear that dress every day if I could 🙂

After breakfast we just relaxed and my husband and I each bought each other an anniversary gift…so we got to open up presents.  I stayed true to the 1st year traditional anniversary gift and I got him something to do with paper.  I found a great shop on Etsy called myarttocherish who takes your pictures and edits them and then add words or poems to them.   I got my husband an 11×14 picture of our first wedding dance and had her put our wedding song lyrics on it…It turned out really cute.   My husband didn’t follow tradition, and I didn’t mind when I opened up a beautiful necklace that matched the earrings he gave me at our rehearsal dinner last year.

We had made reservations for dinner at The Capital Grill.  They knew it was our anniversary and when we got seated there was a nice card stating Happy Anniversary at our table….I kind of felt like I was on my honeymoon again because they would do that kind of thing in Jamacia.  The Capital Grill was great, we got complimentary champagne and free dessert.  I tried not to eat to much of the dessert because I knew I had the top of our wedding cake defrosting for dessert when we got back home.   When we got home we cut our cake, and we both had a piece….let me tell you it wasn’t bad at all.  The frosting was just as good as ever and the cake itself was not bad at all…..I really expected worse.

 After dinner and after the cake cutting we opened our 1st bottle from our wine bottle guest book collection.  We read all of the guests signatures, and they were really funny.  You can definetly tell who signed in the beginning of the night and those who signed later after a couple of cocktails…lol.  It was a nice moment and a great way to reminisce about the day and who was there.  After we finished the wine bottle, I rinsed the wine bottle out and now it found its place in the wine rack in the dining room.  Even though the bottle is now empty, I’ll never throw those bottles out they have too much meaning. Wow now I have to wait 4 more years to open another bottle for our 5th Anniversary. 

We are now selling Wine Bottle Guest Book Kits, since there was a lot of interest in them after our wedding.  Please check out our shop on Etsy if you would like to have this unique guest book option at your wedding or if you have any questions.

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